Mission Trip to Granada, Nicaragua

Serving REAP Granada in Granada, Nicaragua
8 days, 7 nights Saturday to Saturday in May 2023

Group size: 6-30 adults (Could accept teenagers accompanied by a parent)
Participants: Any adults (or teenagers accompanied by parent) that attend Crossroads 
Flights: We will fly into Liberia, Costa Rica (about 3 hours from Granada). Costa Rica has no COVID-19 restrictions and is cheaper than the Managua airport. 
Trip cost: $1500 per person (estimated) for total trip. Transportation (including to and from Costa Rica), translators, all meals, housing, air conditioning and electricity costs, and adventure day are all included in the price.  This will include the airfare, insurance, ground costs, ministry supplies and travel day expenses.
REAP Granada: Set on a 70 acre farm outside of Granada, Nicaragua, REAP was founded in 2012 by Scott and Jenn Esposito. The ministry mainly concentrates on building relationships in surrounding neighborhoods by showing the love and grace of Jesus and raising up local Nicaraguan leaders.
Ministry: May include Men’s jail ministry, dump feeding program, house visits, sharing a message at sports day or micro church, construction projects, farm labor, kids programs, women’s conference or Bible Study.
Adventure Day: Bus ride to Masaya, an active volcano and then an afternoon of swimming and relaxing at the Laguna de Apollo and a trip to the artisan market may be included.
Preparation: May include monthly meetings to help train for ministry, cultural information, When Helping Hurts series, conference preparation, fundraising support, team building and prayer support.
Fundraising: Participants will be responsible for their own fundraising costs.  There will be a 50% deadline 3 months before the trip when airline tickets will be purchased and 100% deadline 3 weeks before the trip for each individual.
Housing: We will stay in dorm-style rooms with bunk beds. Each dorm has 3 bathrooms and 3 showers. Each room has outlets and an air-conditioning unit. Men and women will sleep in separate rooms.
Food: All meals will be provided on site and will mostly consist of rice, beans, eggs, vegetables and chicken. Exceptions can be made for allergies or food preferences.
Wi-Fi: Can be provided to the leaders and for emergencies.
Additional Questions? Contact Caitlin at cataroberson@gmail.com