By Tom Lewis

We wake.

We begin to face our day.

First thing upon waking. Even before we rise. 

We are to Submit.

Not just once.

Once is one time. Once is easier…Just that. only once.


But we must submit this morning. Again.

Tomorrow morning. Again.

And the morning after that. Again.


Each and every morning.

Submission to Jesus each and every morning.


But it doesn’t end there. 

We awake at the beginning of the day.

We submit. And in submission we declare our obedience. 

We commit to Iive our day in obedience.

Today. Each day. Every day.

Obedience to God, to Jesus. 

Day after day.

We are to Obey!

As our day unfolds and comes to its close  we are then called to examine ourselves (II Cor 13:5).

In Submission. With Obedience. To examine and test our faith.


Are we? Am I? 

In the Faith? 

Do I? Will I? Examine my day? Every day? 

At the close of that day. 

Each and every evening.


When I examine my faith daily,

I am faced with the truth of it.

I realize how I lack. Am weak.

I come up short, I miss the mark.


I hurt. I fail.

I fall into temptation, 

I sin! And I am faced with my weakness.


Where is my submission? My obedience?

My commitment?


I am humbled,

I am rescued. Am healed.

Am loved. Am valuable.

I am Chosen! By Christ!

Christ is here. To lift me up. He makes it possible for me to submit. Daily. To obey. Daily. 

And to reflect. Repent. And realize how it is by His grace, His forgiveness, His sacrifice. 

His submission resulted in my having the ability to submit. Everyday.

To obey. Everyday. 

And to examine my love and faith in him. Everyday.



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